Shamanic Practitioner Catherine Hughes discusses topics related to Core Shamanism



Core Shamanism and Power

When we discuss the idea of power it can have a negative connotation because it is too often associated with the idea that having power provides a person the opportunity to hold it over someone else. It can be perceived that being a well-known person or a person in power gives one a privileged position, making that person dominant while diminishing others. This is not the kind of power I am speaking about in this post. When I speak of power in relation to my shamanic practice I am referring to two different types of power. The first type of power would be our personal power: the life force with which we are born. Over time, through life events, this power can be weakened. We need this vital force to live fully, to overcome obstacles, to set good compassionate boundaries and to show the way to others when we are standing in our power. Shamanic healing can restore power to an individual in a beautiful way, thereby providing an individual the opportunity to live more fully. Through the teachings of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies you can learn ways to maintain your personal power for yourself. I am always reminded of the proverb which talks about giving a man a fish vs. teaching a man to fish and with shamanic practice both are valid, because even experienced practitioners seek the healing help of other practitioners from time to time.


The other type of power I wish to speak about is the power of the helping spirits. A shamanic practitioner, when performing healing work, does not use their own life force to provide healing to others. Instead, we borrow or become a “hollow bone” for the power of the helping compassionate spirits. People ask in workshops the difference between energy and power and, with the teaching of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies power is described as having sentience, where energy is simply force. The power that flows through a practitioner is compassionate and has intelligence. This power carries the knowledge of what is required by the client in order to provide healing. 

It is my wish that through my work we can have a healthy conversation about power. As people we can learn to maintain our personal power and to use it wisely.