Catherine Hughes

Shamanic Practitioner

Guest Faculty the Foundation for Shamanic Studies


You might normally find me at a parent council meeting, on the local ski slopes, often in the grocery store, or walking in the woods. I enjoyed an artistic practice for many years before seeking a Fine Arts degree and Bachelors of Education, where upon graduation, I worked as an Art Educator in the school system, private educational programs, and for Provincial and National museums in both Nova Scotia and Ottawa. Before 2010, I really had no inkling of what a shamanic practice might be until I was called to this path after a significant illness which is often the way people have been called to this work. It was during my illness and recovery that I began to explore the spiritual teachings. I began studying with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, not with an eye to become a Shamanic Practitioner, seeing clients, but for my own healing and curiosity. The work has been personally trans-formative.  I have 3 children one of whom is developmentally delayed, autistic, and non-verbal. Through my shamanic practice I have deepened my understanding of how to walk with my children and family in a healthy, meaningful way. All the while respecting the sovereignty of the individual, regardless of dependence. Eventually, as my understanding of this work grew, I decided it was time to share this work with others teaching shmanic workshops. The nature of this practice is so wondrous and yet down-to-earth practical. I care deeply about my fellow human beings and am very blessed to share this work, which I feel can help so many others to live more well-balanced satisfying and joyful lives.