Healing Sessions


A core shamanic practice supports individuals in a variety of ways. For example, we all come into this world with a life force or power but overtime we can lose our power to situations, people and events. Through life events, a person can become less lively, feel unbalanced, or take on things that do not rightfully belong to them. We can inherit or learn behaviours and beliefs from our family of origin that do not serve us. Shamanic practice uses tried and tested methods for retrieving power, extracting what does not belong, uniting lost soul parts, providing divination, and ensuring that those who have passed are compassionately at peace. Shamanic healing can be beneficial for all people and especially for those who work as first responders, health professionals, and military/police personnel.

What does a session look like? You will be asked to briefly describe your reason for contacting me and to provide your permission for me to journey on your behalf to see if I can help you and what healing work is recommended. Once the journey is complete you will be contacted with information about how to proceed. If you wish an appointment will be made. In-person appointments are preferred but in the case of distance or a lack of mobility other arrangements can be made.

Sessions are generally about one hour in length and cost $80. Payment can be made through PayPal, e-transfer, cheque or cash. I also provide a sliding scale for persons receiving ODSP, special needs children, and their care-givers.

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